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COVID-19: Canadian Healthcare Worker Memorial

For more information on how Canadian healthcare workers are being impacted by COVID-19, read the Op-Ed written by CHWN collaborators hyperlinked below:
CIHI released updated information on the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in health care workers in Canada. (Data was obtained from publicly available sources and is current as of January 15, 2021). 


Memorial 2020 2021

Across the globe, healthcare workers have given their lives to protect and care for their patients and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. All too often, this has meant significant risks to themselves and their families.
On April 15th, The Guardian and Kaiser Health News launched the ‘Lost on the Frontline’ collaboration to document the lives of healthcare workers in the U.S. who died from COVID-19. Inspired by this collaboration, the Canadian Health Workforce Network began to assemble this memorial of the Canadian healthcare workers who have succumbed to COVID-19 while working on the frontlines of the pandemic.
We extend our condolences to the families and communities who have lost loved ones during the pandemic and express our gratitude to the healthcare workers who have cared for and continue to care for us during these challenging times.
Please join us in honoring the lives and legacies of the healthcare workers whose names and photo’s we have collected here. Let us commit to honoring their lives by continuing to fight for the health and safety of healthcare workers, as well as that of the communities they serve.

Canada's Healthcare Workers Who Have Died of COVID-19

Anonymous Man (58) 
Environmental Service Worker, Brampton Civic Hospital, Brampton, Ontario, April 9th, 2020.


Anonymous Women (50) 
Long-Term Care Home Worker, Sienna Senior Living's Altamonth Care Community, Scarborough, Ontario, April 16, 2020.


Anonymous Man 
Personal Support Worker, Madonna Care Community, Ottawa, Ontario, May 7th, 2020.


Anonymous Man 
Home Care Attendant, Southern Health Sante Sud, Ste Annes, Manitoba, November 10, 2020.


Anonymous Women (50) 
Health Care worker, Edmonton, Alberta, January 5, 2021.


Anonymous Man (70) 
Physician, Calgary, Alberta, January 7, 2021.


Anonymous Man
Long-Term Care Worker, CHSLD Providence Saint-Joseph, Montreal, Quebec, May 3rd, 2020


Anonymous Women 
Nurse, Greater Toronto Area, member of clinical resource and mental health teams in an acute care setting.


Bontu Addulahi (44)
Personal Support Worker, Toronto, Ontario, May 2020.


Agary Akaekpuchionwa 
Personal Support Worker, Peter D. Clark Long-Term Care Home, Ottawa, Ontario, May 20th,2020.



Maureen Ambersley (57) 
Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), Extendicare Nursing Home, Mississauga, Ontario, January 6, 2021.


Oscar Anibal Rodriguez (late 50s)
LTC Home, CHSLD St-Antoine, Quebec City, Quebec.


Brian Beattie (57) Registered Nurse, Kensington Village, Lonbrian.pngdon, Ontario, May 11th, 2020.



Joe Marie (Jing) Parrenas Corral (61)Joe Marie
Health Care Aide, Calgary, Alberta, December 28, 2020.


Teenager death Covid Pic

Yassin Dabeh (19)
Long Term Care Home Worker, Middlesex Terrance, Delaware, Ontario, January 24, 2021.


Jean-Claude Dianzenza (61)Jean Claude D
Health Care Aide, Victoria Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 5, 2020.



Karine Dion

Karine Dion (35)
Emergency Room Physician, Granby Hospital, Granby, Quebec, January 3, 2021.



Memorial pic

Lorraine Gouveia
Registered Nurse, Peel Region, April 30, 2021.



Dr Wayne John Edwards Dr WAyne John Edwards
Lethbridge, Alberta, April 13, 2020.




Marcelin François (40)
Personal Support Worker, Residence La Rosiere, Montreal, Quebec, April 14th, 2020.

Maria Flores

Personal Support Worker, London, Ontario, May 14, 2020.

Antonio GaerlanAntonio 'Boyet' Gaerlan (54)
Housekeeper, Etobicoke General Hospital, Etobicoke, Ontario, January 13, 2021.



Huy Hao Dao (44) 
Doctor and researcher, Public Health Authority  Montérégie region, Montreal, Quebec, April 16th, 2020.


Yurub IbrahimYurub Ibrahim (51)
Health Care Aide, Glamorgan Care Centre, Calgary, Alberta, January 29, 2021.


Jean-Géthro Joseph (64) Jean Gethro joseph
Personal Support Worker, Madonna Care Community, Ottawa, Ontario, May 7, 2020.


 Kim Kotelo (26) Registered nurse, Winnipeg, Manitoba, April 30, 2021. 

Sam Laguerre (44)Sam Laguerre
Administrative Assitant, Long-term Care Providence Saint-Joseph, Montreal, Quebec, May 1, 2020.



Marie-Caona Lamitié (65)Marie Caona
Orderly, Long-Term Care Place Lacordaire, Montreal, Quebec.



Christine Mandegarian (54) Personal Support mar.pngWorker, Altamont Nursing Home, Scarborough, Ontario, April 15th, 2020.




Laurence Menard (33) 
Social Work Technician, CLSC Drummond, Action Vale, Quebec, May 4th, 2020.



Thong Nguyen (48)Thong Nguyen
Patient Attendant, Jean-Talon Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, June 11, 2020.



Patrick Péladeau (56)
Orderly, Long-term Care Residence Lionel-Émond, Gatineau, Quebec, June 3, 2020.


Arlene Reid (51)arlene reid
Personal Support Worker, Peel Region, Toronto, April 29, 2020.



Jean-Rigaud Fontaine (72)
Home Health Care Assistant, CIUSSS, Montreal, Quebec, January 15, 2021.



Sharon Roberts (59) 
Personal Support Worker, Downsview Long Term Care, Toronto, Ontario, May 1st, 2020.



Leonard Rodriquez (61) 
Personal Support Worker, Access Independent Living Services, Toronto, Ontario, May 6th, 2020.


Sylvain Roy (56)
Cargiver Long-term Care residence Lional-Émond, Gatineau, Quebec, May 28, 2020.



Victoria Salvan (64) 
Long-Term Care Worker, Grace Dart Extended Care Centre, Montreal, Quebec, April 17th, 2020.




Marina Thenor-Louis (45) 
Personal Support Worker, CHSLD Cartierville, Montreal, Quebec, April 29th, 2020.




Stéphanie Tessier (31) 
Personal Support Worker, CHSLD Lucien G.-Rolland, Saint-Jérôme, Quebec, April 27th, 2020.



Tom Thomas (34) T Thomas
Health Care Worker, North Battleford, Saskatchewan Hospital, Saskatchewan, February 15, 2021.



Warlito.1.pngWarlito Valdez (49) 
Long-Term Care Worker, Richmond Society for Community Living, Richmond British Columbia, April 5th, 2020.



Rose Vandelannoite (62)Rose Vandelannoite
Health Care Aide, Summerwood Village Retirement Home, Sherwood Park, Alberta, January 10, 2021.



Sheila Yakovishin (60) Personal Support Worker, Long-term Care home, Windsor, Ontario, December 31, 2020.



Coleen Coleen Critical care nurse and nursing professor at Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario. 





If you know of a health care worker who lost their life caring for others during the COVID-19 pandemic and you don’t see them here, please contact us at  or fill out our . 

For more information, you can view the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions memorial page here as well as the Alliance for Healthier Communities memorial page here.