Mental Health Care


Work in this sector will focus on how best to support workforce planning and capacity development in the mental health and substance use sectors. This work will support efforts to improve access to mental health and substance use services, a shared priority across federal, provincial and territorial governments. Better data collection and planning across both public and private sectors is needed to ensure that increased investment results in a true increase in access, and to best support innovative service delivery models.

Theme Lead:


Mary Bartram, PhD, RSW is the Director, Mental Health and Substance Use and COVID-19 Policy with the Mental Health Commission of Canada and teaches public policy at Carleton University in Ottawa. Mary’s policy research interests include access to psychotherapy, harm reduction and recovery, and mental health and substance use workplace planning. Recent projects focus on equity in access to psychotherapy in Canada, the UK and Australia, GBA+ of the Employee Assistance Program sector, and bridging harm reduction and recovery across the mental health and substance use sectors. Mary has completed postdoctoral research at the University of Ottawa and McGill University.


Health Workforce Research in Progress: 

Catalyst - June 2021 - A critical piece of the puzzle | Mental Health Commission of Canada 

Supporting the Psychological Safety and Well-Being of Health-Care Workers: Updated global scan and toolkit of health-care worker support models

Longitudinal impact of COVID-19 on clinical practice and well-being of global mental health professionals

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