Zoom for Healthcare
Need to reduce exposure of patients and providers during the pandemic and maintain continuity of care even
if services can't be offered in person for everyone.
Zoom for Healthcare is being made available to all Practicing Members of NBAD. This is a measure being put
in place to help NBAD Practicing Members provide services to their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic and
will be available for one year from the Government of New Brunswick at no cost to these members.
Zoom is a web-based virtual care video conferencing platform and Zoom for Healthcare provides additional
security measures to protect the privacy of personal health information being shared over Internet channels.
Enrolling in Zoom for Healthcare is voluntary; Registered Dietitians are not required to take this step, though it
may be right for you if you:
- Need the enhancement of video to deliver client care;
- Are in self-isolation and/or available to practice remotely;
- Can provide clients currently using smart phones and computers for other only services like banking,
shopping, and Internet with the instructions they need to connect for care using Zoom for Healthcare; and
- Are concerned about the security of videoconferencing services offered over the Internet.
  • Telehealth/virtual care
  • Other Health Care Workers
The New Brunswick Association of Dietitians’ mission is to regulate and maintain excellence in dietetic
practice for the protection of the people of New Brunswick
  • Other
Research Intervention - outcome data available
New Brunswick Association of Dietitians
Canada - New Brunswick

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