Caregiver Support Line - Family Caregivers of British Columbia
Caregivers are in need of increased support and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.Common Questions from Caregivers During COVID-19: I am now providing increased care due to COVID. It is difficult to keep up with everything that needs to be done. Where can I receive support? ; Due to CV19 I can’t get away for a break. Do you have any suggestions? ; The uncertainty of this time can be overwhelming. What do I do with this increased anxiety, fear and uncertainty? ; Right now the isolation with COVID-19 is making things more challenging for the behaviors of my husband with Alzheimer’s . What are the resources available for caregivers?, and others.
COVID-19 has been a time of uncertainty, change, and unknowns. Our Caregiver Support line is available to offer guidance, resources, and a listening ear. The support line can help address practical concerns as well as mental health concerns of caregivers.
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  • Family Caregivers
Family Caregivers of British Columbia developed this support line for caregivers both locally in the province
and nationally in Canada. The support line is in operation from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 7:00 pm PST
reachable at 1-877-520-3267.
  • Home Care Services
  • Urban/Suburban
  • Rural
  • Remote
Research Intervention - outcome data available
Canada - British Columbia
Canada - British Columbia

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