APA calls for telehealth during COVID-19
New methods of care need to be implemented during the pandemic to reduce exposure of patients and providers and maintain continuity of care even if services can't be offered in person for everyone.
The American Psychological Association (APA) on March 24 called
on states and insurers to move
quickly to allow people to connect
with their mental health providers
remotely using telehealth as the
need for mental health services rises
during the COVID-19 pandemic.
"We are asking state policymakers to
temporarily suspend state licensing
requirements for telepsychological
services, which would allow patients greater access to their providers and ensure continuity of care
during this crisis,” Arthur C. Evans
Jr., Ph.D., APA’s CEO, said in a statement.
“Essential psychological services can, and in many
cases, should be delivered through
telehealth. It is critically important
that psychologists are able to meet
the needs of their patients and communities during this difficult time,
without further increasing the risk of
  • Licensure flexibility
  • Telehealth/virtual care
  • Mental Health Workers
APA calls for telehealth during COVID-19
  • Mental Health Services
  • Remote
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