Foreign medical aid in Nepal
Nepal is a low income country and
prior to the earthquake, there was concern about
unmet healthcare needs and preventable death in
Nepal; this was only compounded further by
the disaster.
With over 100 foreign medical teams (FMTs) and
2300 overseas health workers present in Nepal
from the early onset, a new direction was chosen
for disaster management and a clear attempt was
made to coordinate teams and activity.
FMTs on arrival were asked to register with the
Ministry of Health and UN to ensure accountability
and teams were allocated to regions as per the
need. District centres for the coordination of national and international aid were set up by the World Health Organisation, who held initially daily health ‘‘cluster’’ meetings guiding delivery of manpower and resources
  • Solidarity staffing (eg deployments to/from other jurisdictions)
  • Other Health Care Workers
This innovation was developed in Nepal following an earthquake in April 2015.
  • Community Health Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
Research Intervention - outcome data available
Kaji Sritharan
Europe - United Kingdom
Grey Literature

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