Deployment of Canadian Armed Forces to Ontario Long-Term Care Homes
Long-term care homes were severely impacted by COVID-19 and were lacking the health human resources to provide care to the most vulnerable populations.
The Ontario government expressed its gratitude to members of the Canadian Armed Forces who went above and beyond the call of duty to temporarily support high-priority long-term care homes during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. The final team concludes its work today.

Under Operation LASER, the Canadian Armed Forces deployed teams consisting of nurses, medical technicians and additional personnel. They have been working in Ontario long-term care homes since April providing staffing support and helping with infection prevention and control, and other duties such as cleaning and food preparation.
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Ministry of Long-Term Care works to ensure Ontarians receive access to the quality long-term care they deserve, in a safe, home-like environment when and where they need it.
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The government recently announced the launch of an independent, non-partisan commission into Ontario's long-term care system beginning in July 2020.
Mark Nesbitt
Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care
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