COVID-19 Pandemic Mental Health and Wellness Response team
Despite the anxiety of today, physicians and residents will be most in need of emotional supports after the pandemic ebbs and they reconnect with their emotions.

After the surge, when the urgency subsides and physicians and residents have time to reflect and reconnect with their emotions, this is the time when we are likely to see the greatest levels of distress, when physicians will need support. They may be traumatized by ethical decisions they had to make during the busiest stages of the pandemic. Upon reflection they may look back and question their decisions – and themselves. They will be tired and emotionally drained.
The goal is to care for our physicians, residents and front line health-care workers potentially impacted by COVID-19, as they care for the people of Saskatchewan.

We know that there will be a continuum of responses from expected transitory distress to potentially serious mental distress or illness including acute stress reactions, PTSD, depression and anxiety. There are processes in place to support physician wellness available at all levels of need, including education, many online resources, debriefing sessions, counselling and psychiatric care.
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  • Physicians - Emergency
  • Physicians - Intensive Care
  • Physicians - Primary/Family
  • Physicians - Specialists
The Saskatchewan Medical Association is a voluntary professional association for physicians in Saskatchewan, where over 90 per cent of physicians are members. The SMA also represents the vast majority of medical students and residents training in Saskatchewan.

Representing the collective view of the medical profession in Saskatchewan, and negotiating for and on behalf of fee-for-service, salaried and alternate payment physicians, the SMA is a provincial division of the Canadian Medical Association, which acts as the national voice of medicine in Canada. Membership is conjoint, and all SMA members are entitled to the rights and benefits of membership in the Canadian Medical Association.
  • Mental Health Services
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