COVID-19 respite centre for emergency responders
Emergency responders and health care workers may not be able to go home and may have to self-isolate but
there is no place for them to do that.
A Cobourg trailer park is now being used as a respite centre for first responders and health care workers.
Trailers will be set up at the Victoria Park Campground near the beach in Cobourg, Ont. It’s going to create a
spot for emergency responders — police, fire and paramedics — as well as some of the doctors, nurses and
health care staff. All of the trailers will be outfitted with the essentials for the emergency responders. The goal
is to create a safe environment for someone that can’t go home due to the COVID-19 pandemic or has to
  • Home support for front-line workers
  • Other
  • Non-traditional Health Workers
  • Nurse Practitioners*
  • Nurse Specialists*
  • Nurses - Licensed Practical
  • Nurses - Registered
  • Paramedics
  • Physicians - Emergency
  • Physicians - Intensive Care
  • Physicians - Primary/Family
  • Physicians - Specialists
  • Public Health Workers
  • Other Health Care Workers
Innovation developed and deployed in a Coburg, a town in Southern Ontario.
  • Other
  • Urban/Suburban
  • Rural
Research Intervention - outcome data available
Shannon Murphy
Town of Cobourg
Canada - Ontario

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