Health Professions Regulation in the U.S.: What are the issues?

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Webinar # 4

TITLE: Health Professions Regulation in the U.S.: What are the issues?

DATE: June 24 2014

TIME: 1:00pm-2:00pm (EDT)

DESCRIPTION: In the U.S., the primary responsibility for health professions regulation falls to states. There is concern that this approach is not well-suited to respond to the workforce challenges faced in a health care delivery system that is undergoing rapid transformation. Dr. Moore will describe the aspects of health professions regulation that constrain effective and efficient use of the health workforce and offer recommendations to strengthen scope of practice decisionmaking. Ms. Dower will describe the California Health Workforce Pilot Projects Program, a unique approach used by that state to test proposed changes to scope of practice.


Jean Moore, University at Albany, Center for Health Workforce Studies


Jean Moore, DrPH, MSN, is the Director of the New York Center for Health Workforce Studies based at the School of Public Health, State University of New York at Albany. She has over 30 years of experience in health workforce research, program administration, and policy development. Her research at the Center focuses on a wide array of health professions as well as health professions education and regulation.


Catherine Dower, University of California, San Francisco, Centre for the Health Professions


Catherine Dower is the health policy and law consultant whose research and publications have focused on health professions’ education, workforce supply and distribution, and successful adoption of innovative practice models. She has considerable experience and expertise on health professions’ legal scopes of practice and the role that regulation plays in advancing or hindering the delivery or health care.

 Who should attend:

This series is targeted to those interested in topics related to Health Human Resources including:

¨ Researchers

¨ Decision-Makers

¨ Regulated Health Professionals

¨ Professional Colleges and Associations

The webinars have been designed as a series, but each session can be viewed independently.


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