COVID-19 Virtual Crisis Response Services (Adult) Mental Health and Addictions Crisis Support
New methods of care need to be implemented during the pandemic to reduce exposure of patients and providers and maintain continuity of care even if services can't be offered in person for everyone.
Shared Health and the Regional Health Authority Mental Health Programs across Manitoba continue to provide a full range of services for the public during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of these services are now offered in a virtual format, allowing individuals to access services from home.

We are encouraging people whenever possible to stay at home rather than presenting in person to a facility.

People can access a wide range of mental health services by calling the Mobile Crisis Service phone line at 204-940-1781. This line can be called 24 hours a day and is staffed with clinicians.

Virtual services allow a person to receive mental health assessment and treatment from their own home, either by phone or video. This means people who have to self-isolate due to COVID- 19 can still access services. Care providers prefer a video assessment when possible as this gives the provider the best information to understand the situation. A person only needs a cell phone with a camera, or any tablet or computer with a camera. It is simple to do and the provider will work with the person to help them get set up.

The following virtual services are provided by phone or video. Virtual services that may be arranged are determined by the clinician based on the assessment that occurs when a person calls 204-940-1781.
1. Mental health crisis support
2. Mental health and addictions assessment
3. Psychiatrist assessment and treatment
4. Virtual crisis unit: short term daily support and treatment
5. Psychiatric follow-up
  • Telehealth/virtual care
  • Mental Health Workers
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