CMPA Liability Protection for Physicians Providing Care During COVID-19
In response to the COVID-19 crisis we are aware that physicians could be required to take on additional duties, alter their scope of practice or be asked to provide care in another province. We have also been informed that some physicians may be requested to return to practice following retirement. All of these scenarios raise questions about their licensure requirements and their medical legal protection.
CMPA’s medical legal protection will not be a barrier to the required pandemic response. We have reviewed our protection process and will be posting the following guidance to members:
• The CMPA will continue to provide members with liability protection for medical-legal difficulties arising as a result of care provided in Canada in the context of the COVID-19 efforts.
• The Association will generally exercise its discretion to extend assistance to members who provide medical care outside their usual field of practice or who provide care in Canada, but outside their designated province of work.
• During the pandemic, members are not required to inform the CMPA of a change in Type of Work (TOW) or Province of Work (POW) prior to commencing their efforts.
• Physicians will be encouraged to consult with the relevant medical regulators (Colleges) to ensure the appropriate licensing approvals are in place related to their province of work and scope of practice.
• We will reinforce the fact that despite the challenging conditions of a pandemic, physicians will be relied on to act professionally on behalf of their patients.
• We will remind members to document their rationale for decisions under crisis situations to assist in the event of medical-legal difficulties.
Retired Physicians
• Physicians who are no longer members but are seeking membership in order to assist with the pandemic response will be able to submit their application on line.
• Re-applications will be prioritized with a target processing time of no more than 2 business days
• They will be registered in Type of Work (TOW) 8 (Humanitarian Category) which represents the
lowest fee category.
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  • Physicians - Emergency
  • Physicians - Intensive Care
  • Physicians - Primary/Family
  • Physicians - Specialists
The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) regulates the practice of medicine in Alberta. The privilege of profession-led regulation is granted through Alberta’s Health Professions Act (HPA).
  • Community Health Services
  • Critical Care
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Home Care Services
  • Hospitals
  • Indigenous Health Services
  • Long-Term Care
  • Mental Health Services
  • Primary Health Care
  • Public Health
  • Other
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