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TPC Webinar Series

Team Primary Care (TPC) is excited to offer a series of webinars taking place over the next year. Formerly titled Lunch and Learns, these webinars will enable a deeper dive into key topics supporting the advancement of team based comprehensive care complementing the Collaborative and Optimization Tables. They will be held at least monthly and perhaps more frequently depending upon demand. They are intended to be open to all, with no limit to attendees from each of your organizations or sectors.

Next webinar: Embedding psychological health & safety into training and the workplace (Sept. 27, 2023 at 12:00 PM EST)

Upcoming Webinars

September 27, 2023, at 12 p.m. EST - Embedding psychological health & safety into training and the workplace - Presented by Ivy Lynn Bourgeault

Past Webinars

August - Organizational culture and change management - Presented by Sasha Karakusevic

July - Addressing overlapping scopes of practice and negotiating roles - Presented by Kathleen Leslie, Sophia Myles, Eileen Patterson, and Arvelle Balon-Lyons (Presentation)

JunePutting Team Dynamics on the Table: Leadership and Power Dynamics in the Delivery of Interprofessional Care - Presented by Penny Paucha (Pre-Reading Material)

June - Applying the new Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative's (CIHC) Interprofessional Competency Framework - Presented by Lynne Sinclair and Dean Lising (CIHC Competency Framework PDF)

May - Primary Care Training: Exploring Canada's Comprehensive Basket of Services - Presented by Deena Hamza and Ivy Oandasan

April - Indigenous Reconciliation within Collaborative Teamwork - Presented by Marilee Nowgesic, Mandy Mack, Amber Ruben, and Nathalie Pambrun

March - Patient's Medical Home: A Vision for the Future - Presented by Artem Safarov, Trina Stewart, Angela Johnson, and Lori Choma