CHWN Membership Information 

Diverse Group

The Canadian Health Workforce Network is looking for Canadian HWF researchers, policy decision-makers/knowledge users or other HWF experts as well as trainees at the graduate or postdoctoral level in HWF research interested in being part of a nation-wide network dedicated to gathering, sharing, exchanging and building capacity in the latest health human resource research and/or to support the development and implementation of high-quality, evidence-based HWF policies and best practices and whom are interested in participating with CHWN members across Canada.

This network was established with development funds from Health Canada and the Canadian Institute of Health Research.

Our Goals:

  • To provide access to the latest HWF information and evidence on innovative approaches to HWF development, training, financing, regulation, recruitment and retention.
  • To gather, share, exchange and build capacity in high-quality health workforce research and provide access to ongoing research and model-development at pan-Canadian, provincial/territorial and local/regional service delivery levels.
  • To connect experts, researchers and policy/decision makers in order to better coordinate research and support the development and implementation of high quality, evidence-based, HWF policies and best practices.

Membership Levels and Eligibility:

All network members are considered ‘Expert Resources’. The network is composed of four levels:

  1. Contributors
  2. Collaborators
  3. Decision-Makers/Knowledge Users
  4. Students

To be eligible to be a Contributor you should be:

  • Canadian based researcher
  • Appointed as faculty in a Canadian University
  • Willing to provide the CHWN network with your areas of research competencies and areas of expertise

To be eligible to be a Collaborator you should be:

  • Canadian based HWF expert (not necessarily a researcher)
  • Willing to provide the CHWN your areas of research competencies and expertise

To be eligible to be a Decision-Maker/Knowledge User you should be:

  • Presently working in a Canadian based position involved in the implementation of policy or the development/implementation of HWF strategies/programs that will have a direct impact on the health care professions and/or the health care system in Canada
  • Willing to provide the CHWN network with your areas of interest
  • Willing to collaborate with researchers

To be eligible to be a Student you should be:

  • Canadian based graduate student/post-doctoral fellow
  • Willing to provide the CHWN network with your areas of research competencies and areas of expertise.

Benefits to membership include:

  • Receive timely updates on HWF research
  • Ability to share HWF ideas and research results with a network of CHWN experts, researchers and decision-makers
  • Increased collaboration and knowledge exchange among the HWF community
  • Exposure of your research to a range of decision-makers/knowledge users
  • Public profile of your HWF interest and expertise on CHWN website

The benefits of the member directory are:

  • The ability for members to create and edit their accounts which includes uploading, updating and displaying their CV and photo.
  • The ability to submit HWF related research, events and other HWF related documents to our CHWN Scientific Director for approval to showcase on the CHWN website.
  • The ability to manage how their information will be shared online by selecting one of two database directories:

Members Databases:

Public database:

Information is publically shared on the CHWN website (i.e. anyone visiting the website can view this information). This database enables the public to view/access partner information. To view the partners database please follow the link provided below.

Please note: members belonging to this database will not have access to the members (private) database.

Private database:

Information is only shared with other members of CHWN (i.e. not available on the public database). This is the only database that enables researchers to view/access information from both public and private members databases. To view/access this database, one must create an account and select the membes only database function. Once an account has been created, one can login by clicking on the "Find an expert" tab on the home page of the CHWN webstie.

To become a CHWN member, please send and email expressing your interest along with a copy of your CV to:

Chantal Demers, research coordinator of the Canadian Health Workforce Network, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; 613-562-5800 x 8451