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  • Healthcare leaders at 2024 Ottawa Summit advocate for interprofessional team-based care training to reform primary care effectively.

    Published February 28, 2024

  • Canada's health care crisis isn't just pandemic fallout; it's from decades of neglect and underfunding across all levels.

    Published on February 8, 2024

  • Canada's primary care crisis needs team-based approaches, not just more health workers, for effective, coordinated care.

    Published Jan 29, 2024

  • New Brunswick offers large bonuses and benefits to attract nurses amid nationwide healthcare worker shortages.

    Published January 24, 2024


    • AMA urges immediate Alberta government action to support struggling family medical practices, citing survey revealing financial distress and potential closures.


    • Canada's growing population strains healthcare, challenging access to family doctors amidst demographic and medical resource shifts.

      Published January 22, 2024

    • Over 40% of Ontario hospital workers mull leaving due to stress, understaffing, and low pay.

      Published on January 3, 2024


      • Canada's healthcare system faces a severe nursing shortage, with 41,955 vacancies in Q1 2023, causing rural emergency room closures and a surge in temporary nursing services.


      • Nova Scotia is expanding fast-tracked immigration for international students in paramedic and pharmacy tech programs to address healthcare shortages.

        Published September 22, 2023

      • Filipino nurses migrate to Canada, impacting both countries' healthcare systems.

        Published September 16, 2023

        • The brand new interview featuring Houssem Eddine Ben-Ahmed has just been released and is now available for everyone to watch!

          Published September 13, 2023

        • Agency nursing costs in Manitoba have seen unsustainable growth over the past six years, impacting all regions except Winnipeg, leading to increased government spending on these services​.

          Published September 11, 2023

        • Ontario faces a shortage of doctors, misuses skilled immigrants, neglects homeless healthcare, debates safe injection sites, and calls for climate action.

          Published July 21, 2023

          • Canada's health workforce crisis prompts ethical questions about recruiting from WHO's safeguard list, emphasizing the need for aligned practices.

            Published July 11, 2023

          • Alberta nurses seek the Chief Nurse role to improve healthcare, echoing other provinces, and address recruitment challenges.

            Published June 5, 2023 

          • Better workforce planning and worker retention in construction will address the labor shortage and attract young workers.

            Published May 19, 2023

            • Exploring beyond legal reform, this study seeks structural changes to enhance the health, dignity, and rights of sex workers.

              Published March 29, 2023

            • Nova Scotia offers $10,000 bonuses to retain health-care workers, causing inter-provincial competition and concerns over unequal incentives.

              Published March 24, 2023 

            • Pincher Creek's sole surgeon, Dr. Van Bussel, overwhelmed, to cease labor services; doctor shortage strains rural maternity care, patients redirected to Lethbridge.

              Published February 8, 2023

              • Vitalité and Opportunities New Brunswick recruits healthcare workers from Africa, facing ethical issues over staff shortages.

                Published February 6, 2023

              • Retirements and mid-career departures of doctors in Ottawa create a primary care 'desert', spurring demand for a new health center.

                Published January 17, 2023

              • Ivy Bourgeault, PhD, has been named the recipient of the 2023 Healthcare Management Forum Article of the Year Award for her article entitled “The pathway from mental health, leaves of absence, and return to work of health professionals: Gender and leadership matter”.