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Job Opportunities

Superintendent Of Health Professions And Occupations Oversight

Office Of The Superintendent Of Health Profession And Occupation Oversight, Vancouver Or Victoria, BC

The Office of the Superintendent of Health Profession and Occupation Oversight is responsible for administering the duties of the Superintendent as required under the Health Professions and Occupations Act and for providing centralized oversight of health profession regulatory colleges. The Office is a centre of expertise in health professional governance in B.C. and works to ensure regulated health profession colleges under the Act are transparent, accountable, and operating in the public interest. The Office is an independent oversight body led by the Superintendent.

Director of Operations

Full-time permanent - Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions Office

Under the direction of the President, the Director of Operations is responsible for executing all operations and finance objectives and activities for the CFNU. The Director of Operations provides leadership, direction and coordination for the activities and operations of the CFNU. The Director of Operations has the overall accountability for oversight and ensuring effectiveness of financial planning, human resource planning, and administrative services. The Director of Operations provides strategic financial leadership and analysis providing recommendations to the President and the Secretary Treasurer on budget planning, resource allocation, financial management and ensures accurate and timely execution of day-to-day financial processing and evaluates the effectiveness of all operations.

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