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Boateng, Godfred O; Adams, Tracey L
"Drop dead ... I need your job": An exploratory study of intra-professional conflict amongst nurses in two Ontario cities.
Past studies have focused on inter-professional conflict and its implication for professional status and work. However, there is a dearth of research on intra-professional conflict and its implications for professions. This study explores intra-professional conflicts among nurses in Ontario, using a qualitative research design, drawing on in-depth interviews with 66 nurses. The study identifies conflicts along race and age: Visible minority and younger nurses report more conflict, with visible minority nurses particularly vulnerable and racially marginalized. Members of Visible minorities and young nurses responded to workplace conflict by demonstrating competence, seeking support from colleagues, and either ignoring the abuse or standing up for themselves. These strategies do nothing to challenge professional unity. Nonetheless, intra-professional conflict has negative consequences for professionals and their work. Copyright © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Social science & medicine (1982)
Retention/Turnover, Worklife-Stress/Burnout, Workplace-Violence, Workplace/Worklife Issues-General
Nurses-Clinical Specialists, Nurses-Licensed Practical, Nurses-Practitioners, Nurses - Psychiatric, Nurses-Registered
Interview/Focus Group, Qualitative Methods
Godfred O. Boateng
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