CHHRN International Advisory Committee: Karen Bloor

International Health Human Resources Advisory Committee


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Dr. Karen Bloor

Professor of Health Economics and Policy

University of York

United Kingdom

Karen Bloor is Professor at the University of York, where she has worked since joining the University as a junior research fellow in 1991.  Karen leads the Health Services and Policy Research Group in the Department of Health Sciences.

Her research interests focus on the application of economics to health     policy, particularly in the field of the health care workforce. She has carried out research projects on a range of subjects relating to the financing and delivery of health care, including analysis of medical labour markets (particularly pay and productivity of hospital specialists), also regulation of the pharmaceutical industry and various aspects of health care reform.  She led the English contribution to a recently completed EU funded    project, the ‘European Collaboration for Health care Optimisation (ECHO)’, a project which includes analysis of geographical variations and organisational quality indicators in six European countries.

Karen teaches health policy and evaluation methods at graduate level and to undergraduate medical and  nursing students, and has delivered short courses on health economics and health policy to numerous          international groups for organisations including the World Bank and the World Health Organisation. With Professor Alan Maynard she delivered training on provider payment mechanisms to many cohorts of             attendees at the World Bank’s Flagship Programme on Health Sector Reform and Sustainable Financing in Washington, DC and at  partner institutes in Lebanon and Hungary. She is been a member of the International Health Workforce

Collaborative since 1998 and a member of the Wennberg International Collaborative since 2012.

CHHRN is very pleased to have Dr. Bloor as a member of the CHHRN International Advisory Committee which benefits greatly from her knowledge, expertise and advice.


“People are the most important resource in any health care system, and also the biggest cost.  This is not reflected in research and analysis, where the health care workforce has been relatively neglected for far too long. CHHRN is an internationally valuable effort to address that imbalance by collating evidence and linking academics with decision makers in this important field. .” Karen Bloor "