Bibliothèque du RCRHS-ICIS


Basic Search

Use the basic search to find resources by keyword. Type a word or phrase in the search box. To search for an exact phrase, put quotation marks around the words.

For example, typing professional development without quotation marks will return resources that contain the words either separately or together but typing “professional development” will return only resources that have the two words together.

Advanced Search

The advanced search is designed to help you refine your search for resources by allowing you to search by specific categories.

You can type your own search terms in the Title, Abstract or Author categories.

You can can also select search terms from any of the other categories. To select multiple terms within a category hold the CTRL button down and click on each term.

The results will contain ALL the search terms you select or type.

You can select terms from any of the categories. The more terms you use the fewer but more specific results you will find. Selecting fewer terms will give more results but they will not be as specific.