Laurie Clune

Laurie Clune

Laurie Clune
Associate Professor and Associate Dean
Faculty of Nursing
University of Regina
Everybody (Partners - Public Database)
  • Expanded roles for existing professionals
  • Education, training, competencies and entry to practice requirements/credentials
  • Recruitment – locally and internationally
  • Return on investment for HR programs and practices
  • Workforce development/continuing competence/employee engagement
  • Gender and HHR
  • Aging and HHR
  • Workforce integration
  • Professionalization
  • Worklife issues/workplace violence/healthy work environment
  • Other
Advanced Practice Nurses, Health Promotion, Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Practical Nurses, Unregulated health care workers
Occupational Health and Safety in health care
Comparative studies – regional, national & international, Planning/forecasting models, Policy analysis, Case studies and scenario planning, Systematic/scoping reviews, Toolkit/reference guide for HHR data/research in Ontario, Other
Institutional Ethnography
Rural and remote communities, Aboriginal HHR, Francophone HHR, Other
Cancer Care, Community care/home care, Emergency, Maternity care, Mental health care, Primary care, Public health, Research sector, Rehabilitation, Surgery/anesthesia, Hospitals/tertiary care, Long Term Care, Intersectoral
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