Workforce Edge Consulting Inc. (WEC)

Workforce Edge Consulting Inc. (WEC)

Workforce Edge Consulting Inc. (WEC)
English, French
Workforce Development / Continuing Professional Education, Integrated Models of Care, Recruitment, Retention / Turnover, Unionization & Collective Bargaining, Quality of Worklife Issues / Healthy Work Environment, Governance and Regulation
Nurses, Nurses, Advanced Practice, Nurses, Practical, Optometrists, Personal Support Workers / Health Care Aides, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants, Physicians, Physicians, Family, Physicians, Medical & Surgical Specialists, Psychologists, Respiratory Therapists, Volunteers
Health workforce deployment policy and procedures, pandemic planning and response scenario forecasting, utilization Baseline staffing verification, workforce analytics, relief workforce modeling and stabilization strategy, organization design for health workforce portfolios, bespoke health system workforce planning, master schedule/rotation optimization, integrated HR/finance/scheduling business process re-engineering
Systematic/Scoping Reviews, Modelling/Forecasting, Scenario Planning, Case Study, Policy Analysis, Comparative Methods
Ministry Level and Health System Level Strategic Planning, Quantitative/Qualitative tool development and application
Rural and remote communities, Other
Emergency / Urgent Care, Health / Community Care, Maternity Care, Mental Health Care, Public Health / Prevention, Research, Long Term Care
Environmental Services, Foods and Nutrition, Advisory