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About Us

  • Our Vision

    A strong and sustainable health workforce supported through better planning, policy and management.

  • Our Mission

    Generating, sharing and facilitating the timely use of health workforce knowledge to inform decision-making.

  • Our Values

    • Knowledge mobilisation
    • Equity
    • Accessibility
    • Collaboration
    • Innovation

  • Our Strategic Priorities

    1. Producing and mobilising valuable information regarding Canada's health workforce.
    2. Facilitating the transparent and open sharing of data and evidence to promote equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice in the health workforce.
    3. Leveraging and accelerating leading practices for improved care, health, cost and meaning in work.
    4. Developing and sustaining collaborative partnerships with regional and national organizations for enhanced knowledge and advocacy.
    5. Strengthening Canada's health workforce through cultivating a culture of innovation.