IHWC 2019

International Health Workforce Collaborative 2019

The International Health Workforce Collaborative (IHWC) conferences brings together policy makers, academics, researchers and practitioners from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom with responsibility for and interests in medical workforce issues. It includes approximately 20 delegates from each of these countries and guests from several other countries and organizations.

Participation in this conference is by invitation only. Invitees are responsible for their travel, accommodation and conference registration expenses.

The 18th International Health Workforce Collaborative (IHWC) Conference will take place on October 22-24, 2019 in Ottawa, Canada at the Telfer School of Management, located at 55 Laurier Avenue East.

A pre-conference day (October 21st, 2019) focused on health workforce data challenges will take place at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada at 774 Echo Drive.

This year’s conference program will focus on scaling up health workforce innovations to promote equity, diversity and inclusion. Following a pre-conference day featuring country responses to a series of data challenges, the conference will feature a series of plenary panels will present a suite of tools across four levers for change that can be mobilized to enable scale-up of health workforce innovations:

  • Education & Training
  • Funding, Financing & Remuneration
  • Governance & Regulation
  • Data & IT Infrastructure

Throughout the conference, working groups will apply the tools presented in each of these four panels to conduct an in-depth exploration of health workforce scenarios including:

  • Innovative Educational Models to Increase Indigenous Representation in the Health Workforce
  • Apprenticeship-Based Education
  • What is the ideal primary care workforce?
  • Effects of competitive organizational behaviour on health service providers’ capacity to secure and sustain an appropriate health workforce for rural communities

Event Schedule

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The International Health Workforce Collaborative offers the opportunity to share and discuss current workforce-related research activities via poster viewing sessions. These sessions will feature workforce research posters related to the conference theme of “Scaling up Health Workforce Innovations to Promote Equity, Diversity and Inclusion”. To enable better integration of poster presentations into the conference program, dedicated plenary sessions will allow authors to provide three-minute presentations highlighting key messages that can be drawn from their poster. The deadline to submit an abstract is May 31, 2019.

Click Here for more information on the call for abstracts and poster guidelines. 

Meeting Location

Pre-Conference: October 21
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
774 Echo Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
 K1S 5N8
Conference: October 22-24
Telfer School of Management - Desmarais Building
55 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5


This meeting is an invitation-only meeting. Invitees will receive a communication with registration details. The invitation is not transferable.


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Le Germain (Conference Rate: $229CAD/night)
30 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1N 6E2
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