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CAHSPR Conference | May 29-31, 2012

cahspr logo-smallInnovations for Health System Improvement: Balancing Costs, Quality and Equity

Date: May 29-31, 2012
Location: Montreal, QC
(Pre-Conference day on May 28, 2012)

CAHSPR's annual conference is Canada's largest gathering of health care researchers, decision makers, and stakeholders. The 2012 conference will engage over 600 delegates in informed discussion and debate about options for achieving sustainable improvements in health care for all. The lineup of speakers and panels is shaping up to be the best yet.

Meeting demands for a more accountable and high-performing health care system requires a balanced approach to addressing costs, quality, and equity. The 2012 CAHSPR conference brings together cutting-edge research with first-hand policy experience to explore options for achieving sustainable improvements in health care.

Featuring over 200 presentations by decision makers, junior and senior researchers, and graduate students in plenary, small group and poster formats, the conference sets the stage for informed discussion and debate.

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CAHSPR 2012 Sub-plenary Human Resources for Primary Health Care: Moving from Pilots to Real Reform


The most critical issues faced when attempting to achieve the most equitable provision of community based primary care services almost entirely implicate health human resources (HHR). This ranges from the most obvious lack of availability of primary health care providers (particularly salient in rural and remote locales) to the less transparent issue of how to organize HHR to deliver on the promise of patient-centred care. This panel brings together international leaders in health human resource research and policy advice to address some of the most pressing and persistent issues in the equitable and patient centred provision of primary care. In answering a series of questions, the panellists will weave a cogent argument for the need for evidence-based policies to inform continued reforms of primary health care.


  • Panel format; after a brief 5 minute introduction, panellists will answering a series of pre-assigned questions leaving at least 20 m minutes to field questions from the audience and a brief set of wrap up from each of the panellists and the moderator
  • The session will be 90 minutes in length.
  • Introduction, conclusion and moderation provided by Dr. Ivy Lynn Bourgeault

Panelists include

  • Dr. John McKinlay is an internationally respected medical sociologist and epidemiologist with a career-long interest in professionalism, the changing nature of medical work and its consequences for patient care. He was the first to write on effectiveness-based resource allocation, the corporatization of doctoring, and the changing status and position of medicine in the U.S and has published extensively on the doctor-patient relationship, negotiations during clinical encounters, the patient career, factors influencing patient satisfaction and most recently on the future of primary care doctoring.
  • Dr. James Buchan, has twenty five years of international experience of policy advice, consultancy and research on human resource for health (HRH) issues, specializing in national policies and strategies. His background includes working as a senior HR manager at national level in the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland, as Senior Policy Adviser at the Royal College of Nursing, UK; and as a HRH specialist at the World Health Organisation in Geneva. His other current appointments include Policy Associate at the WHO European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies; Professional Adviser to the Centre for Workforce Intelligence, NHS England; and Adjunct Professor at the WHO Collaborating Centre, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.
  • Dr. Michael Rachlis is a physician and fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and practices as a private consultant in health policy analysis. He is also an associate professor (status only) with the University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health. He has consulted to the federal government, all ten provincial governments, and two royal commissions. He has been invited to make presentations to committees of the Canadian House of Commons and the Canadian Senate as well as the United States House of Representatives and Senate. In 2010, the University of Manitoba conferred upon Dr. Rachlis an honorary doctor of laws in recognition of his service to Canadian health policy. He is a frequent media commentator on health policy issues and the author of three national bestselling books about Canada's health care system.
  • Dr. Gail Tomblin is an internationally recognized expert in HHR planning, particularly in needs-based and competency-based approaches to HHR planning and testing health service delivery models. In 2006, the conceptual framework she developed with Drs. Birch, O'Brien-Pallas and colleagues was adopted by ACHDHR as the guiding framework for Pan-Canadian HHR policy and planning in Canada. Her research has garnered widespread interest from governments and other stakeholders because of its potential to significantly impact HHR planning policy in Canada and abroad. Some of her current appointments include Director of the WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre on Health Workforce Planning and Research at Dalhousie University, Lead Coordinator of the Eastern Hub of the Pan-Canadian HHR Network (CHHRN) and a member of the Advisory Committee on Health Delivery and Human Resources (ACHDHR) as the science lead for the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.
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pdfHuman Resources for Primary Health Care: Moving from Pilots to Real Reform Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
pdfCanadian Primary Health Care Human Resource Policy: solutions without implementation Michael M. Rachlis
pdfToward Optimized HHR Planning: Meeting Population Health Care Needs and Working to Scope Gail Tomblin Murphy
pdfThe International Connection: An "Ethical" Approach to Health Workforce Sustainability? James Buchan
pdf2012 CAHSPR Conference, Montreal Canada John B. McKinlay

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