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The Canadian Health Human Resources Network and CHNET-Works! have partnered together to host and/or promote Webinars on HHR related topics from across the country to increase awareness and initiate important discussion on these issues and to help move research and decision-making agenda's forward in the field of health human resources.

What is a CHHRN HHR Webinar?

CHHRN HHR webinars are pan-Canadian discussions for experts, researchers, decision-makers and health professionals interested in health human resource or population health issues which are held via telephone and internet.

Upcoming HHR Webinars: CAHSPR HHR Student Award Winners 2016 Webinar Series

Winter 2016

The spatial distribution of palliative care home visits: Using GIS mapping to optimize service delivery by family health teams

December 1 2016

Understanding the role of health profession organizations in Ontario's health policy process: A case study for optimizing the health care workforce in primary care

 March 16 2017


How to join a CHHRN HHR webinar?

NOTE: All webinar registrants are provided with access instructions via email immediately after registering on line and reminder emails sent just prior to the 'chat'. (Access Instructions are posted along with the PowerPoint Presentation - on the day of the chat) Contact us CHNET-WORKS! if you need assistance: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are 2 steps to join in a CHHRN HHR webinar:
1. Register for the webinar through the CHNET-Works! website and

2. Use the access instructions provided to all registrants, to: 

a. Join in the Internet Conference - to see the presentation being shown, to post your comments/questions and to see those posted by your colleagues from across Canada and to join in the interactive polls.  (no audio via internet) 

b. Join in the toll free Teleconference  - to HEAR the presentations.(ALL audio via teleconference)
c. Download the Backup PowerPoint Presentation (and the access instructions) ...posted on the day of the Fireside Chat.
Need assistance? animateur(at) 

For more information about joining a CHHRN HHR webinar contact:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Who can join?

CHNET-Works! webinars are largely geared to professionals interested in population health and health human resources issues from across Canada. The CHHRN HHR Series is more specifically geared towards HHR experts, researchers, decision-makers, students and health professionals interested in the learning the latest news, research, innovagtions and information about HHR across the country. To this end, further effort will be made to increase awareness through CHHRN’s listserv, expert directory, social media and website. Depending on the topic and the date, fireside chats could have an audience of 50 to 250 participants!


Webinar Presentations and Podcasts 2016


Date Presented

Primary Health Care in Canada: Highlights from CIHI's 2016 Primary Health Care Chartbook and Future Directions

Sept 26 2016

Using Patient-level Billing Data to Measure Continuity of Care in Saskatchewan and Alberta 

Geoff Ballinger, Xi-Kwan (Sean) Chen & Yvonne Rosehart from Canadian Institute for Health Information 

 February 11 2016


ARCHIVED: Webinar Presentations and Podcasts 2013-2015


Date Presented

Improving Care and Support for Unpaid Caregivers in Ontario: Findings from a Citizen Panel - Michael Wilson, McMaster Health Forum  Nov 4th 2015
Primary Care Provider Perception of the Challenges of Managing Patients with Mental-Physical Multimorbidity: A Qualitative Study- Matthew Menear, Laval University  Oct 29th 2015
Establish a Succession Platform Which Responds to Your Regional Demographics -Heather Murchison, North West Local Health Integration Network  Oct 21st 2015
Psychiatry Workforce: Meeting the Needs: More Psychiatrists or role clarification?  March 3 2015
Health Workforce New Zealand: Forecasting Methodology February 19th 2015
Unemployed Physicians in Canada: Who are they and why is this happening? February 11th 2015
National Registration and Accreditation Jnauary 20th 2015
Conducting Comparative Policy Research in the Real World: Lessons from a Cross-Provincial Review of Team Based Primary Health Care January 15th 2015
Bridging the Silos: Moving to Integrated Health Care Provider Funding Models in Canada December 16th 2014
Health Professions Regulation in the U.S.: What are the issues? June 24th 2014
Moving from Barriers to Facilitators: Funding and remuneration models that better optimize health professional scopes of practice June 19th 2014
The Law and Interprofessional Collaboration in Canada June 10th 2014
Building a Healthcare Human Resources Database Index: 5 not-so-simple steps June 5th 2014
Occupational Therapists in Community Mental Health March 25 2014
The Geoportal of Minority Health (also available in french): March 19th 2014 
The ROI in Team- Developing a Return on Investment Framework for Team-Based Care March 12th 2014 
Transforming Musculoskeletal Care in Alberta: Moving Upstream with Collaborative Teams in Primary Care March 6th 2014 
Of Walls, Moats, and Ceilings: Reconceiving HHR in the Era of Quality Improvement(Revisiting Scopes of Practice) February 20th 2014 
Enhancing Primary Health Care Delivery in the Inner City Through Interprofessional Teamwork Jan 16th 2014 
Interprofessional Teams in the Chinook Primary Care Network December 19th 2013 


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