HHR Research Spotlight: Dr. Pat Armstrong


Dr. Pat Armstrong is a sociology professor at York University, where she has taught for 21 years. She has co-authored a large number of     articles and books on health policy including They Deserve Better: The long-term care experience in Canada and  A Place to Call Home: Long term care in Canada.

Dr. Armstrong held a Canadian Health Services Research Foundation/Canadian Institutes of Health Research Chair in Health Services and Nursing Research, where she was developing a graduate  program to train students in health policy and politics.



Troubling Care: Critical Perspectives on Research and Practices

Pat Armstrong and Susan Braedley (eds.), 2013 

Puzzling Skills: Feminist Political Economy Approaches Special Anniversary Issue of the Canadian Review of Sociology

Pat Armstrong, Canadian Review of Sociology, Vol 50 Issue 3, Aug 15 2013


Taking gender into account in occupational health research: Continuing tensions.

In Policy and Practice in Health and Safety

Pat Armstrong and Karen Messing


The thin blue line: Long term care as an indicator of equity in welfare states

In Canadian Women’s Studies, Spring/Summer 2012, Volume 29, Issue 3, p. 49-60

Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong and Tamara Daly

Structural violence in long-term, residential care for older people: Comparing Canada and Scandinavia

In Social Science and Medicine, 2012,Volume 74, Issue 3, p. 390-398

Albert Banerjee, Tamara Daly, Pat Armstrong, Marta, Szebehely, Hugh Armstrong, Stirling LaFrance

Lifting the violence veil: Examining working conditions in long-term care facilities using iterative methods

In Canadian Journal on Aging, 2011, Volume 30, Issue 2, p. 271-284

Tamara Daly, Albert Banerjee, Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong & Marta Szebehey

Structural violence in long-term residential care

In Women’s Health and Urban Life, 2011, Volume 10, Issue 1, p. 111-129

Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong, Albert Banerjee, Tamara Daly, and Marta Szebehely

Book: Thinking women and health care reform in Canada

Pat Armstrong, Barbara Clow, Karen Grant, Margaret Haworth-Brockman, Beth Jackson, Ann Pederson and Morgan Seeley (eds,) 2012

Book: Critical to care; the invisible women in health services

Pat Armstrong, Hugh Armstrong and Krista Scott-Dixon (eds,) 2008

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