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2nd National Forum on Human Resource Strategies for Healthcare (May 5-6, 2015)

May 5th-6th 
Toronto, Ontario
Engage in 2 days of top content with specialized streams, interactive sessions and elite speakers. Revolutionize health HR at your facility!

Stay on top of HR innovations in hospital, long-term care and community care settings. Hear success stories from leading Canadian organizations and emulate their strategies. Understand where health HR is going and adapt to the emerging challenges.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Partake in this exclusive forum and learn how you can drive efficiencies while sustaining patient and employee satisfaction.

Take away 11 practical solutions to better tackle:

  1. Budgetary Constraints: Cut costs, propel efficiency, and execute a lean management plan
  2. Legislative Demand: Transform your talent management efforts to enable patient-centred care
  3. Succession Planning: Identify strategies enabling effective succession of your retiring workforce
  4. Change Management: Adapt to emerging industry, labour and demographic trends
  5. Labour Relations: Build productive partnerships to benefit your company and your employees
  6. Cultural Competence: Cultivate your workforce’s ability to engage with diverse patient populations
  7. Mental Health: Implement support mechanisms to boost employee satisfaction and engagement
  8. Ageing Population: Meet the needs of a growing group requiring complex care
  9. Employee Retention: Stand out as an employer of choice even in times of austerity
  10. Social Media: Exploit digital communication channels to discover and recruit top talent
  11. Workload Management: Foster a culture of productivity and avoid employee burn-out

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