CHWC 2014 Abstracts and Presentations

Scaling up Innovation

The management of the health workforce and itsassociated and expanding wage bill is the most pressing challenge for health system planners in Canada. To begin to address this challenge, we will bring together health workforce researchers, stakeholders and decision-makers for a national dialogue to advance health workforce management and planning across all jurisdictions in Canada.


International Perspectives for Health Workforce Management and Planning

International Guest Speakers

Poster Presentations Policy Day 1

Concurrent Session 1: "The Big Picture"

Leaders: The Missing Link in Health System Performance- CCHL HealthCareCAN Panel

Scopes of Practice- "The Big Picture"

Health Workforce Planning

Mobility and Migration of the Health Workforce

The Health Workforce Geoportal: Web-Based GIS for Better Health Planning

Concurrent Session 2: "Health Workforce Issues"

Health Policy Knowledge Exchange

Scopes of Practice- "Profession Specific" 

Linguistic and Cultural Competency

Rural, Remote and Aboriginal Health Workforce Issues

Emerging Isues in HHR Planning; Addressing the Information Gaps- CIHI Panel

Concurrent Session 3: "Social Constructs"

Patients as Part of the Healthcare Workforce- Patients Canada Panel

Scopes of Practice- "IPE/IPC and Task-Shifting"

Worklife Balance

Mobility and Migration: Experiences, Transitions and Integration

Poster Presentations Research Day 2

Concurrent Session 4

                                                           Student Career Panel

Health Workforce for an Aging Population

Research on Health Workforce Planning and Sustainability

Research on Health Workforce Leadership and Planning

Lynda Buske Student Award

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