Innovations in Scopes of Practice/Models of Care

The CHWN partnered with the Health Council of Canada to initiate and populate a health workforce (HWF) innovations portal to showcase innovative approaches to health workforce issues. This was recently expanded to include innovations presented at the Canadian Health Workforce Conference that was held in Ottawa in October 2014. We highlight these innovations within the five key HWF themes of the Canadian Health Workforce Network. 


CHWN and Health Council of Canada HWF Innovations

Innovation Name

Innovation Type



Aboriginal Day Withdrawal Program Program/Service Ontario Summary (PDF)
Aboriginal Patient Navigator Program Program/Service Ontario Summary (PDF)
ACE Models/Roles/Practice Ontario Summary (PDF)
Advanced Clinician Practitioners in Arthritis Care Program Program/Services Ontario Summary (PDF)
Alberta Integrated Communities of Practice Models/Roles/Practices Alberta Summary (PDF)
Barriers and Enablers to Optimal Scopes of Practice: A Study of Nurses and Midwives Models/Roles/Practices National Summary (PDF)
Bundles as Culturally Safe Practices Program/Service Ontario Summary (PDF)

Bridging Relationships Across Interprofessional Domains

Models/Roles/Practice New Brunswick Summary (PDF)
Care Delivery Model Redesign Models/Roles/Practice British Columbia Summary (PDF)
Caring Together Project Models/Roles/Practice Ontario Summary (PDF)
Collaborative Care Models: Transforming the Health System with Efficient Nursing Solutions Models/Roles/Practice National Summary (PDF)
Collaborative Practice & Learning Environments  Models/Roles/Practice Alberta Summary (PDF)
Doula Certification Training Program/Service Ontario Summary (PDF)
Engaging Medical Assistants Models/Roles/Practice United States Summary (PDF)
Enhanced Pharmacist Care Program- SCRIP Models/Roles/Practice Alberta Summary (PDF)
Expanding Supportive Healthcare Access for LGBTQI2S Youth: The Important Role of Canadian Healthcare Workers Guides/Frameworks National Summary (PDF)
Express Chemotherapy Clinic Models/Roles/Practice Ontario Summary (PDF)
Hospital Home Team (Virtual Ward) Models/Roles/Practice Manitoba Summary (PDF)
Oncology Patient- Navigator Nurse <<infermière pivot en oncologie>> Models/Roles/Practice Quebec Summary (PDF)
Interfactulty Course Development for Interprofessional Collaboration Models/Roles/Practice Quebec Summary (PDF)
Interprofessional Communications Skills Development Workshops Models/Roles/Practice Nova Scotia Summary (PDF)
Learning and Skills Development Services/Program Quebec Summary (PDF)
Learning Together with Cases Models/Roles/Practice Ontario Summary (PDF)
Longitudinal Elderly Person Shadowing Project Models/Roles/Practice Saskatchewan Summary (PDF)
Mental Health Liaison Models/Roles/Practice Alberta Summary (PDF)
Nurse and Dietician Health Teams to Prevent Diabetic Complications Models/Roles/Practice Alberta Summary (PDF)
Nurse Practitioner Prescribing of Controlled Drugs and Substances- Education for an Increased Scope Tools/Resources National Summary (PDF)
Nurse Specialist Wound Care Delivery Models/Roles/Practice Ontario Summary (PDF)
Physician-Pharmacist Collaborative Care Management Models/Roles/Practice Quebec Summary (PDF)
Pharmacists Practicing in Family Health Teams Models/Roles/Practice  Ontario  Summary (PDF)
Physiotherapist Triage Model Models/Roles/Practice  Quebec Summary (PDF)
Primary Care Clinical Associate Initiative Models/Roles/Practice Alberta Summary (PDF)
Psychosocial Team/ Family Information and Support Centre Service/ Program British Colombia Summary (PDF)
QuickCare Clinics Models/Roles/Practice Manitoba Summary (PDF)
Registered Nurse- Surgical First Assist Models/Roles/Practice Ontario Summary (PDF)
Rapid Access Clinic for Endoscopy (RACE) Program/Services British Colombia Summary (PDF)
Risk Aversion to Managing Risk by Using an Ethics-based Decision-making Framework Legislation, Policies & standards of practice; Guides/Frameworks Ontario Summary (PDF)
Sault Ste. Marie Group Health Centre Models/Roles/Practice Ontario Summary (PDF)
TAPESTRY Program/Services Ontario

Summary (PDF)

Program Info (Link)

The Taber Clinic Models/Roles/Practice Alberta Summary (PDF)
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Palliative Care Program Programs/Services Manitoba Summary (PDF)


Showcase your Scopes of Practice/Models of Care Innovations!

Eligibility Criteria: 

  1. Must be HWF related
  2. Should fall into one or more of the following descriptions:

          a) Models of Care, Roles or Practices 

          b) Tools or Resources

          c) Guides or Frameworks

          d) Methods, Approaches or Strategies

          e) Programs or Services

          f) Legislation, Policies & Standards of Practice

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