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We would like to dedicate the following CHWC 2014 conference reports to the memory of cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who died on october 22, 2014 outside our conference venue of the chateau laurier, while on guard at the national war memorial. this dedication is but a small token of our appreciation. 


We would like to thank the members of the Canadian Health Workforce Planning Committee for their insights and time dedicated to planning and executing the 2014 conference program and our conference presenters for sharing and working with us to capture your research. We would also like to thank our sponsors for their financial contribution towards the conference itself and production of this report and we would also like to thank our scribes for their detailed notes capturing important points discuss during presentations with regards to the relevancy and/or applicability to health workforce policy, planning and decision-making as well as key take home messages so as to concisely inform those who were not able to attend.


Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Canadian Health Human Resources Network

Conference Director of the Canadian Health Workforce Conference 

CHWC 2014 Conference Reports

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