B4.1 Simulating Future Supply of and Requirements for HHR in High-Income OECD Countries

Presented by Gail Tomblin Murphy, WHO/PAHO Collaborating Centre on Health Workforce Planning & Research, Dalhousie University

*B4.2 Post-Graduate Medical Education Examination Status and Work Locations of IMG Family Medicine Residents

Presented by Maria Mathews, Memorial University

* Author has requested not to post the abstract

B4.3 Governance and Policy Issues with Admission of Health Professionals from France in Quebec

Presented by Jean Luc Bédard, TÉLUQ / Anna Maria Zaidman, TÉLUQ / Marta Massana Macià / TÉLUQ

B4.4 Health Workforce Mobility in the Asia-Pacific Region- Current Trends and Challenges for Australia Health Workforce Planning

Presented by Lesleyanne Hawthorne, Centre for Health Policy, University of Melbourne

Abstract for B4.4 will be available after the conference

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