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 Ontario Nurses' Association

 Violence prevention progress report a step in the right direction to protect Ontario health-care workers

Goedhart N S, Van Oostveen C J, Vermeulen H  The effect of structural empowerment of nurses on quality outcomes in hospitals: a scoping review
 Soles T L, Wilson C R, Oandasan I F
 Family medicine education in rural communities as a health service intervention supporting recruitment and retention of physicians
 Wenghofer E F, Hogenbirk J, Timony P E  Impact of the rural pipeline in medical education: Practice locations of recently graduated family physicians in Ontario
 Mowat S, Reslerova M, Sisler J  Retention in a 10-year cohort of internationally trained family physicians licensed in Manitoba
 Witt J  Physician recruitment and retention in Manitoba: Results from a survey of physicians' preferences for rural jobs
 White D
 Indigenous health: Time for action | La santé autochtone : Passons à l’action
 Paul R, Martimianakis M A T, Johnstone J, McNaughton N, Austin Z  Internationally educated health professionals in Canada: Navigating three policy subsystems along the pathway to practice
 Koehler T, Brown A
 Documenting the evolution of the relationship between the pharmacy support workforce and pharmacists to support patient care
 Orrantia E, St Amand S  Establishing and growing the scope of practice of physician assistants
 Schindel T J, Yuksel N, Breault R, Varnhagen S, Hughes C A  Perceptions of pharmacists' roles in the era of expanding scopes of practice
 Amanullaha S, McNallyb K, Zelinb J, Coleb J, Cernovskyc Z  Are burnout prevention programs for hospital physicians needed?
 Park C S-Y  Optimizing staff, quality, and cost in home healthcare nursing: Theory synthesis 
 British Colombia Medical Association  Doctors helping doctors- Stories from the physician health program
 Alameddine M, Baumann A, Onate K, Crea M, Arnaout N E, Deber R  Job stickiness of young nurses in Ontario: Does the employer organization participation in the Nursing Graduate Guarantee initiative make a difference?
 Regan et al.  Starting out: Qualitative perspectives of new graduate nurses and nurse leaders on transition to practice
 Osborn H A et al.  Primary care specialty career choice among Canadian medical students
Keegan D A, Scott I, Sylvester M, Tan A, Horrey K, Weston W W   Shared Canadian curriculum in family medicine (SHARC-FM) 
Corcoran P M, Catling C, Homes C S E   Models of midwifery care for Indigenous women and babies: A meta-synthesis
 Sadler K et al.  Indigenous student matriculation into medical school: Policy and progress
 Hansen G, Beer D L, Vallance J K The impact of transport of criticlly ill pediatric patients on rural emergency departments in Manitoba
Robinson M, Douglas-Vail M, Bryce J N, Theunis J Medical school outreach and mentorship for rural secondary school students: A pilot of the Southwestern Ontario Medical Mentorship Program 
Canadian Institute for Health Information/ Institut Canadien d'information sure la santé   Regulated nurses, 2016/ Le personell infirmier réglementé, 2016
Hordky S R, Macdonald M E, Brassard P Inuit interpreters engaged in end-of-life care in Nunavik, Northern Quebec
Venkataraman S, Jordan G, Pope M A, Lyer S N Examination of cultural competence in service providers in an early intervention programme for psychosis in Montreal, Quebec: Perspectives of service users and treatment providers
Young M E et al. Faccilitating admissions of diverse students: A six-point, evidence-informed framework for pipeline and program development 
Puyat J, Kazanjian A D S, Wong H, Goldner Is the road to mental health paved with good incentives? Estimating the population impact of physician incentives on mental health care using linked administrative data
Restall G, Gerlach A, Valavaara K, Phoenix A The Truth and Reconciliation Commission's call to action- How will occupational therapists respond? Les appels à l’action de la Commission de vérité et réconciliation
Mathews M, Ryan D, Samarasena Early-career work location of Memorial University medical graduates: Why the decline in rural practice?
Skinnider M A et al. Characteristics and outcomes of Canadian MD/PhD program graduates: A cross-sectional survey
 Hepp S L, Suter E, Nagy D, Knoreen T, Bergman J W  Utilizing the physician assistant role:Case study in an upper-extremity orthopedic surgical program
 Klein D, Kallio M, Humphries S, Mueen M  Collaborative team-based health promotion in a primary care setting
 Gallagher E, Moore A, Schabort I Leadership training in a family medicine residency program
 Krueger P et al.  Predictors of job satisfaction among academic family medicine faculty
 Neimanis et al.  Role of family physicians in an urban hospital
 Macleod M L P Nurses who work in rural and remote communities in Canada: A national survey
Luetsh K Attitudes and attributes of pharmacists in relation to practice change- A scoping review and discussion
 Health Quality Ontario  Health in the North: Inequities in health and healthcare
The Conference Board of Canada  Future care for Canadian seniors: A primer on nursing supply and demand
Mason S, Knowles E, Boyle A Exit block in emergency departments: A rapid evidence review
McAiney C A et al.  Improving the seniors' transition from hospital to the community: A case for intensive geriatric service workers
Matthews R The cultural erosion of Indigenous people in health care
Pfaff K A, Freeman-Gibb L, Patrick L J, DiBiase R, Moretti O  Reducing the "cost of caring" in cancer care: Eveluation of a pilot interprofessional compassion fatigue resiliency programme
Bray E C, Bourgeault I Expanding scope of practice for Ontario optometrists
Burnett M et al. A competency-based curriculum for training rural family physicians in operative delivery
Pinchin G Inuit Health Frameworks and Maternal Care: Understanding the complexities of removing and returning birth to Inuit communities in Northern Canada
Laurence C O M, Karnon J What will make the difference? Assessing the impact of policy and non-policy scenarios on estimation of the future GP workforce
Mathews M, Kandar R, Slade S, Yanqing Y, Beardall S, Bourgeault I Credentialing and retention of visa trainees in post-graduate medican education programs in Canada
Mathews M, Kandar R, Slade S, Yanqing Y, Beardall S, Bourgeault I Retention patterns of Canadians who studied medicine abroad and other international medical graduates
Mathews M, Kandar R, Slade S, Yanqing Y, Beardall S, Bourgeault I Realization of entry-to-practice milestones by Canadians who studied medicine abroad and other international undergraduates: A retrospective cohort study
Malott D A M Continuity of care and shared decision-making in interprofessional collaborative maternity practices in Canada
Ellis M J et al.  Googling concussion care: A critical appraisal of online concussion healthcare providers and practices in Canada
 Bridges J, Simcock R  Meeting the workforce challanges for older people living with cancer
Norbert G  Dramatic changes in health care professions in the past 40 years
Hoope-Bender P T, Nove A, Sochas L, Matthews Z, Homer C S E, Poco-Martin F  The 'Dream Team' for sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and adolescent health: An adjustment service target model to estimate the ideal miz fo health care professionals to cover population needs
O'Reilly B, Isenor J, Bowles S  Expanding pharmacists' scope of practice to include immunization in Nova Scotia
C C Hudson, S Gauvin, R Tabanfar, A M Poffenroth, J S Lee, A L O’Riordan Promotion of role clarification in the Health Care Team Challange
Ries N M Law matters: How the legal context in Canada influences interprofessional collaboration
Prystajecky M, Lee T, Abonyi S, Perry R, Ward H A case study of healthcare providers' goals during interprofessional rounds
Balki M et al. Multidisciplinary Delphi development of a scale to evaluate team function in Obstetrics emergencies: The PETRA scale
Garofalo M, Aggarwal R Competency-based medical education and assessmenet of training: Review of selected national obstetrics and gyaecology curricula 
Bedi R P, Christiani K D, Cohen J A The future Canadian counselling psychology: Doctoral students
King et al. Launching first-year health sciences students into collaborative practice: Highlighting institutional enablers and barriers to success
 Spicer D, Paul S, Tang T, Chen C, Chase J  Canadian Medical Education Journal survey eveluations of Universityof British Colombia residents' education and attitudes regarding palliative care and physicians assisted death
 Green M E, Gozdyra P, Frymire E, Glazier R  Geographic variation in the supply and distribution of comprehensive primary care physicians in Ontario, 2014/15
You P, Malik N, Scott G, Fung K Current state of interprofessional education in Canadian medical schools: Findings from a national survey
Feather R A, Carr D E, Garletts D M, Reising D L Nursing and medical students teaming up: Results of an itnerprofessional project 
 Zeytinog l U, Denton M, Brookman C, Davies S, Sayin F K Health and safety matters! Associations between organizational practises and personal support workers' life and work stress in Ontario, Canada
Martin D, Nasmith L, Takahashi S G, Harvey B J Exploring the experience of residents during the first six months of family medicine residency training
 Sajjadi S, Norena M, Wong H, Dodek P Moral distress and burnout in internal medicine residents
Soma A, Myatt M, McKenna M, Ganesa S, Leung K W An examination of entrance criteria for international medical graduates (IMGs) into Canadian 
McLeod S A, Sonnenberg L K The emotional intelligence of pediatric residents- A descriptive cross-sectional study
Dahm M R

Patient centered care- Are international medical graduates 'expert novices'?

 Boamah S A, Read E A, Spence Laschinger H K Factors influencing new graduate nurse burnout development, job satisfaction and patient care quality: A time-lagged study
 Steinke M K, Rogers M, Lehwaldt D, Lamarche K An examination of advanced practice nurses' job satisfaction internationally
 Panagiotoglou D, Fancey P, Keefe J, Martin-Matthews A Job satisfaction: Insights from home support care workers in three Canadian jurisdictions
Bethell J, Chu C H, Wodchis WP, Walker K, Stewart S C, McGilton K S Supportive supervision and staff intent to turn over in long-term care homes
Mewhort et al. Trainee perceptions of the Canadian cardiac surgery workforce: A survey of Canadian cardiac surgery trainees
 Udod S A, Cummings G, Care W D, Jenkins M Impact of role stressors on the health of nurse managers: A western Canadian context 
Zhang H, Isaac A, Wright E D, Alrajhi Y, Seikaly H Formal mentorship in a surgical residency program: A prospective interventional study
Fallatah F, Laschinger H K, Read E A The effects of authentic leadership, organizational identification, and occupational copy self-efficacy new graduates nurses' job turnover intentions in Canada
Anderson G S, Vaughan A D, Mills S Building personal resilience in paramedic students
Watts l k, Winters R Examining grade inflation and considerations for radiologic sciences: A literature review
 Gillian C et al.  Certifiable: Development and piloting of a national advanced practice certification process for radiation therapists in Canada
World Health Organization  Understanding National Health Workforce Accounts
 Zeytinog l U, Denton M, Brookman C, Davies S, Sayin F K Health and safety matters! Associations between organizational practises and personal support workers' life and work stress in Ontario, Canada
Bolderstone A, Yendley K, McGregor C, Slowey A, Manship S Smoothing the way: The perception of unit supervisor radiation therapist roles at the British Colombia Cancer Agency
 Pathirana T, Clark J, Moynihan R  Mapping the drivers of overdiagnosis to potential solutions
Tan K et al. Narrowing the theory practice gap through interprofessional knowledge sharing
Oi Lam Ung C,  Harnett J, Hu H Community pharmacist's responsabilities with regards to traditional medicine/complementary medicing products: A systematic literature review
Lunsky Y et al. Antipsychotic use with and without comorbid psychiatric diagnosis among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Reicher C Enough is enough- Putting a stop to violence in the health care sector
Manitoba Nurses Union Helping Manitoba's wounded healers
Farrell B et al. Self-efficacy for depresecribing: A survey for health care professionals using evidence-based deprescribing guidelines
Karkling M, Paul A, Zwicker J G Occupational therapists' awareness of guidelines for assessment and diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder 
MacLeod M L, Kulig J C, Stewart N J Nursing practice in rural and remote Canada II
Pestill M E Exploration of nurses' experiences transitioning to a team-nursing model of care
Crocombe L A , Goldberg L R, Bell E, Seidel B A comparative analysis of policies addressing rural oral health in eight English- speaking OECD countries
Ng E, Hu T A survey of Canadian interprofessional student run free clinics
Xu Q, Halsall J P Migration and aging: Policy and community practice throughout the globe
Haydt S M Politics and professions: Interdisciplinary team models and their implications for health equity in Ontario
Leck V, Randall G E The rise and fall of dental therapy in Canada: A policy analysis and assessment of equity of access to oral health care for Inuit and First Nations communities
Koopmans E, Wagner S L, Schmidt G, Harder H Emergency response services suicide: A crisis in Canada?
Mubashir A et Al. Interprofessional competency toolkit for internationally educated health professionals: Evaluation and pilot testing
Chouinard V, Contandriopolos D, Perroux M, Laraouche C

Supporting nurse practitioners' practice in primary healthcare settings: a three level qualtiative model

Busetto L, Calciolari S, Ortiz L G G, Luijkx K, Vrijhoef B Integrated care and the health workforce
Liddy C, Arbab-Tafti S, Moroz I, Keely E Primary care physician referral patterns in Ontario, Canada: A descriptive analysis of self- reported referral data
Doctors Nova Scotia Healing Nova Scotia: Recommendations for a thriving physician workforce
Buchan J, Dhillon I S, Campbell J Health employment and economic growth
Nove A, Cometto G, Campbell J Assessing the health workforce implications of health policy and programming: How a review of grey literature informed the development of a new impact assessment tool
Hoben M, Knopp-Sihota J A, Nesari M, Chamberlain S A, Squires J E, Norton P G,... Estabrooks C A Health of health care workers in Canadian nursing homes and pediatric hospitals: A cross-sectional study

Tracking postgraduate medical trainees through practice: A longitudinal study | Rapport Suivi des médecins résidents selon leur lieu d’exercice

Duhous A, Menear M, Charron M, Lavoie-Tremblay M, Alderson M

Interventions to promote or improve the mental health of primary care nurses: A systemativ review

Palmer K, Petch J, Bournes D

What it’s really like to practice medicine in the U.S.

Campbell K, Jaiven J, Banfield K, Begg C, ButleR J, Thain L

Going Beyond the 9-1-1 Call – What BC Emergency Health Services is doing to Improve Timely Access to Emergency Care


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