The Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Network (CHHRN) was established through funds from Health Canada and is comprised of national experts researchers and policy makers involved/interested in health human resource research, policy and/or planning.

The regional hubs will build upon existing strengths while bringing additional opportunities for national collaboration and knowledge sharing in support of CHHR's mandate. These hubs will also contribute to the mandate of the Central hub, its programmes of research and the other network members and teams, through participation on the management committee, work with the hub lead to coordinate and manage research defined as regional priorities, and work with other theme hubs on joint programs of knowledge dissemination and uptake. Each of the regional hubs will be provided with administrative resources to manage the hubs‟ activities and to participate in the knowledge exchange activities of CHHR.

In addition to the regional hubs, CHHRN will also include four thematic knowledge innovation hubs that focus on some of the pressing HHR concerns identified in numerous knowledge synthesis and policy recommendation documents across Canada (e.g., ACHDHR 2005, 2009; CHSRF 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008; CIHI, 2007; CNA & CMA 2005; HCC 2005a, 2005b) and through an initial visioning exercise and consultation we held in Toronto in May, 2010 of over 50 researchers and knowledge users sponsored by the CIHR Chair in HHR Policy.

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