Telepsychology Services Checklist - College of Psychologists of British Columbia
Geographical distance from psychological service providers
This document is intended to assist registrants who are considering providing telepsychology services. The term telepsychology is used to refer to psychological services that are offered by a provider who is geographically distant from the service recipient. Such services may include those provided via email, telephone, videoconference, or other electronic media. Relevant Code standards are indicated in brackets following the checklist items.
  • IT/infrastructure for virtual care
  • Mental Health Workers
The information provided in this Practice Support checklist is intended to provide general guidance to assist registrants in identifying issues and options that should be considered, and implementing strategies to address issues, resolve problems and improve practice, with respect to a particular aspect of psychology practice. No checklist can anticipate all variables that might be relevant to a specifi c professional decision or circumstance, but the checklist can provide general guidance to registrants dealing with the identifi ed practice issue. Registrants are also invited to contact the Practice Support Service with any questions.
  • Mental Health Services
Research Intervention - outcome data available
College of Psychologists of British Columbia
Canada - British Columbia

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