Gholamhosain Salehi Zalani

Gholamhosain Salehi Zalani

Gholamhosain Salehi Zalani
Associate Professor
English, Other
Education, Training, Competencies & Credentials, Interprofessional Education, Workforce Development / Continuing Professional Education, Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Integrated Models of Care, Professional Roles - New and Expanded – Task Shifting, Productivity, Geographic Distribution, Recruitment, Retention / Turnover, Remuneration, Funding & Financing, Unionization & Collective Bargaining, Quality of Worklife Issues / Healthy Work Environment, Governance and Regulation, Licensure, Internationally Educated Health Workers / Professionals, Mobility & Migration
Public Health Specialists, Other
Health Policy and Management
Human Resources for Health
Systematic/Scoping Reviews, Administrative Database Analysis, Modelling/Forecasting, Scenario Planning, Observational, Case Study, Policy Analysis, Economic Evaluation, Intervention Evaluation, Comparative Methods
Cancer Care, Cardiovascular Care, Emergency / Urgent Care, Health / Community Care, Maternity Care, Mental Health Care, Primary Care, Palliative Care, Public Health / Prevention, Research, Rehabilitation / Sports Medicine, Surgery / Anesthesia, Tertiary / Hospitals Care, Long Term Care, Other
All the areas of Health Sector